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Rosalee Juba-Plumley has the wisdom you need and experience you can trust.
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It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt
, Former First Lady of the United States

A native of West Virginia

Rosalee Juba-Plumley was born and raised in Mercer County. She holds a bachelors degree from Marshall University and graduated West Virginia University’s College of Law in 1985.

Since beginning her practice, Rosalee has been a fierce and dedicated ally of people and families of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Rosalee knows of her intuitive ability to put being a human first. Her caring nature gives her the uncanny ability to handle the most delicate family and personal cases while delivering exceptional results.

Outside of the courtroom Rosalee is an avid supporter of art, music, food, travel, and education. Never one to pass on the chance to help, it is not uncommon to see Rosy volunteering her time to local organizations. She is the president of the Putnam Aging Board and a life-long member and supporter of the 4-H organization. Rosalee resides on her farm in Poca, WV with her husband of 35 years Randell, her daughter Hanna, her 4 dogs, 2 cats, 28 chickens and 6 ducks.